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44 Best RimWorld Mods (1.0 Update)

Game Info

  • Developer: Ludeon Studios
  • Reviews: 96% Steam, 86 PC Gamer
  • Where to Buy: Humble Bundle

RimWorld’s dedicated mod community is one of the best parts of the game.

There are literally thousands of mods for everything from new hairstyles and more weapons, to gameplay changes and UI updates.

But with so many mods, it can be tough to figure out which to choose.

With that in mind, here our pick for the 23 best RimWorld mods broken down by gameplay, additional item’s/production, cosmetics, weapons, and UI.

Gameplay Mods

  1. Hugslib – This is a must-have mod that enables a lot of other RimWorld mods. (made by Unlimited Hugs)
  2. Prepare Carefully – Allows you to customize your starting characters and the resources you land with. (made by edbmonds)
  3. Hospitality – Allows you to host, entertain, and recruit visitors. (made by Orion)
  4. Hand Me That Brick – Haulers will carry materials to construction blueprints making construction more efficient. (made by Dingo)
  5. Defensive Positions – Allows you to set defensive positions rather than manually clicking colonists into position. (made by Unlimited Hugs)
  6. More Trade Ship – Just like the name says, more trade ships. (made by PinoChemicali)
  7. Megafauna – Add giant animals to your world! (made by Spino)
  8. Giddy-up! Caravan – Let’s your colonists ride animals on their way to new lands. Requires Giddy-up! Core (made by Roolo)
  9. While You’re Up – Your colonists look for nearby stacks that need to be hauled to someplace near wherever they are already going. (made by Kevlou)
  10. [KV] Trading Spot – B18 – Sick of traders loitering in your bedrooms? This mod lets you choose where they stand. (made by Kiame Vivacity)
  11. Realistic Rooms – Do you find the room requirements a bit over the top? Realistic Rooms makes your colonists happy with a smaller room.
  12. Mad Skills – Did you know skills degrade over time if they aren’t maintained? We now you manage that.
  13. [1.0] Better Pawn Control  – This mod helps you have more control over areas, policies, and outfits.
  14. ED-Embrasures – Create little holes in walls for your colonists to shoot through.
  15. Stack XXL – Stacks up 750
  16. Pick Up and Haul – Helps colonist pick up multiple small stacks of items before hauling.
  17. Tilled Soil – Improves grow time.
  18. Prison Labor – Make those dirty prisoners earn their keep with manual labor.
  19. Industrial Rollers – Convoyer belts and machinery to help automate your production

Additional Items/Production Mods

  1. Expanded Prosthetics and Organs – Allows you to craft bionics and a variety of prosthetics/organs. (made by Ykara)
  2. A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics – Give that 3-legged pup the gift of movement with a peg-leg.
  3. Misc. Training – Allows you to build training facilities such as shooting ranges and martial arts dummies. (made by Haplo_X1)
  4. [KV] RimFridge – B18 – Streamline your food production and storage with individual fridges. (made by Kiame Vivacity)
  5. Quality Builder – Any construction that has a quality is built by the colonist with the highest construction skill.
  6. Blueprints – Create room blueprints which can be duplicated.
  7. RT Fuse – Electric fuses to mitigate short circuits.

Cosmetics Mods

  1. More Sculpture – Ever get tired of making the same few statues over and over? Add a little more variety to the artwork. (made by [KOR]Bichang)
  2. More Floors – Adds more floor types and carpet colors. (made by Telkir)
  3. More Furniture [B18] – Adds more furniture to spice up your rooms. (made by Anonemous2)
  4. Rimsenal Rimhair – A hair pack with 30 different hairstyles. (made by Rooki12k)
  5. Color Coded Mood Bar – Visual feedback on how happy/sad your colonists are.
  6. Star Wars – The Force – Because why not?

Weapons/Defense Mods

  1. Simple Sidearms – Nothing crazy. Just some simple side arms.
  2. RT’s Weapon Pack B18 – Adds over 50 modern weapons and 13 melee weapons. (made by RT_Mythictang)
  3. Rimsenal – Adds a variety of futuristic space weapons and armor. (made by rooki12k)
  4. Medieval Times – Medieval game expansion adding Medieval era items, weapons, armour, and buildings. (made by Vindar)
  5. More Vanilla Turrets – Is one turret not enough? This mod adds 8 more. (made by Napstablook or Something)

UI Mods

  1. Medical Tab – Adds a more comprehensive medical tab. (made by Fluffy)
  2. Work Tab – Provides a much more complicated and in-depth work priority tab. (made by Fluffy)
  3. Research Pal – A more organized look at the research tab.
  4. Allow Tool – A set of tools that simplifies some controls.
  5. Pharmasist – Don’t want to use a medicine on a simple scratch wound? Pharmasist lets you control the treatment for different injuries/illnesses.
  6. Style Inventory – Help you style colonists to perfection.

And #44?

44. Eating Without a Table is a Warcrime – Let’s be real. Eating without a table is simply unacceptable. Treat this atrocity with the devastation it reserves. -25 mood for eating without a table.

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