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Factorio: To Infinity and Beyond

So far to date I have played over 400 hours on Factorio. It has been an addictive and relaxing game to kill time on a weekend with different and challenging game modes to better suit the kind of gameplay you want to go for. This game also has an active base of developers and mod creators who are constantly expanding and updating the game from its already enjoyable vanilla start.

My base that I will be presenting is one that I built in vanilla with no mods, and will showcase some of the features that are available in the original game. I hope that it will give you some inspiration and insight for your own mega-base. At the time of writing this, I have spent 136 hours building this base. It includes miles of train tracks, pick-up and drop-off locations, a main hub that produces most of the items used to expand and protect the base.

Below is an overview of about 95% of my map. As far as some of the super-bases that I have seen, this one is still very much in its infancy. The potential for expansion however, is nearly endless. I hope you enjoy taking a tour through my base, and I hope to update as I make progress on filling in the empty space between the railroad lines.

Main Hub

This is where my base originally started out. From its beginnings as a humble stone furnace hub, it has been transformed into a busy beehive of activity and production.

To the north, trains come and go from my central train station John Wayne Station. Here items such as iron and copper plates, copper wire coils, uranium, and green and red science cards, are offloaded for further processing into more useful products.

On the West side of the main hub is where petroleum products are processed to make things like sulfur, sulfuric acid, and plastic.

To the south is an unload station, specifically for raw iron ore and stone; they keep the furnaces of the main hub fed with fresh ores.

Finally, on the east side is my main electrical production area. There are a few solar fields, battery banks, and smaller power production areas scattered throughout the base, but this is where I keep the big nuclear power generators that do the bulk of electrical production. There is also a group of rocket silos and the main station for my War Train, but more on that later.

Secondary Hub

A secondary location for trains to unload iron ore and load up on iron, steel and uranium to aid the production of science cards and take back to the Main Hub.

This was the first location for my oil production, but ever since the pumps ran dry, the oil side of this area has been mostly neglected. I plan to rejuvenate oil production there once I expand the base in that sector, but for now it just makes a little bit of solid fuel to fire a handful of furnaces.

Oil Production

Trains unload unprocessed oil at Black Gold Station where several oil processing plants turn it into light oil, heavy oil and petroleum gas. These are held in a field of storage tanks and which in turn fill train cars to be taken to their respective areas for processing.

Copper/Red Green Card Production

Although there is red and green card production in the main hub, I have increased production by building this area to utilize a dedicated copper mine and iron from the Secondary Hub.

What green cards that don’t get used in red card production make their way to the train station to be loaded. There is a second train station that is used to off-load plastic for red card production.

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