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The 24+ Best Cities Skylines Mods

Cities Skylines mods are a great way to enhance the vanilla version of the game. Fortunately, there is an outrageous number of mods. At the time of writing this post there are 148,218 mods – it’s incredible the dedication and creativity this community shows. But with that number of mods you could spend hours browsing for the best intersections, buildings, or other random assets. To save you that time, here are the 24+ best Cities Skylines mods.


  1. Precision Engineering: a hugely helpful mod that creates grid lines and snap angles to assist in aligning roads and other objects.
  2. Extended Public Transportation UI: get more insight into how many people are using public transportation and which lines are most popular.
  3. Automatic Bulldoze: having to bulldoze a building sucks to begin with, waiting for it to disappear just adds some salt to the wound. Instead, instantly bulldoze any building.
  4. All Space Unlockable: once you reach the final milestone you’ll be able to unlock all the remaining land tiles.


  1. Riverlands: A beautiful European-style map with a large splitting river, mountain, and plenty of building space.
  2. Colorado Rockies: Create a city among in the snow-covered trees in the Rockie Mountains.
  3. Copper Creek: More resources you say? Copper Creek has you covered. With plenty of resources, building space, and water this is a great one for less experienced players.
  4. Lönnebay Universal: An interesting and beautiful expanse to build your next sea-side metropolis.
  5. Sea Turtle Falls: A stunning and intricate map that will challenge you to create your most wondrous city yet.

It goes without saying, but that there are loads of wonderful mod maps available that aren’t included in this list. None the less, these 5 will give any builder the platform to create a variety of awesome cities.

Intersections and Interchanges

  1. Triangular 3-Way Highway Plus Exit: A simple and elegant interchange to connect 3 highways and allow vehicles to exit any direction.
  2. I-81 Harrisburg,Pennsylvania: Combine beauty and function with this intricate highway interchange. (Warning: it’s big!)
  3. Elevated Pedestrian Roundabout: combine the powers of a roundabout and walkways with this beauty. If you’re looking to hit 1,000,000 in Cities Skylines, this mod is a must.
  4. Vanilla Lake’s Hi Speed Roundabout Exit: inspired by the starting highway exit on the mod map Vanilla Lake, this allows you to easily end highways with a 3-way roundabout exit.
  5. Timboh’s Intersections: Timboh has created a ton ofvery well-made and popular intersections. While there are too many to list a few of the best are Dual Trumpet, Compact Stack, and the Semi-Directional A-Trumpet.
  6. Highway Corner 90 deg – 3 Lanes: easily wrap a highway around your districts with simple 90-degree highway turns with


  1. Bank of Skylines: no office district is complete without a towering bank skyscraper.
  2. Data Mining Agency: give your city a modern look with your very own NSA headquarters.
  3. Karlatornet: this massive and cool looking tower could make the front page of r/evilbuilds.
  4. Quad’s Central World Series 3: at 8 x 12 tiles this mod is the final of a series of unique buildings. All 3 combine to be 24 x 32 tiles so it is sure to be a centerpiece of your city.
  5. Euro Police Headquarters: going for an old-fashion style city? The Euro Police Headquarters will make a prolific addition.
  6. Drosovilas Olympiastadium: 50% soccer stadium, 50% Colosseum. 100% awesome.


  1. Large Pumping Station: give the vanilla water intakes more oomph with a large pumping station.
  2. 120 MW Coal Power Plant: such much power. Never enough power.
  3. Water Treatment: you don’t have to pump sewage straight into the water, a treatment plant clarify and store this water instead.

What’s your favorite mod we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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