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Rimworld Will be Leaving Early Access With 1.0 Update Coming Soon

In this Reddit post Rimworld’s creator and lead developer, Tynan Sylvester, confirmed that after 5 years of development Rimworld is leaving Early Access and the next update will be the 1.0 release.

The Rimworld community loves Tynan and the development team at Ludeon Studios – and for good reason! They are actively engaged in the game’s community, making frequent appearances in the game’s subreddit and implementing tons of various suggestions already. In his post, Tynan explains how Rimworld “can expand endlessly. That’s its nature.” But, after 5 years of development and “an endless treadmill of requests,” Rimworld will be officially finished with the next update.

Here’s a peek at some of the new features and changes:

  • Heavy redesign of the interface, systems, and balance for caravans
  • Watermill power generators and underwater power cables
  • Optimized mod loading time
  • Cooks refuel stoves instead of waiting for haulers
  • Leather types condensed to a smaller group to mitigate the “10 of every leather type” problem.
  • Leather rebalanced to be meaningfully different
  • Redesign of the animal trading economy to match animal types with trader types
  • Redesign and rebalance of some animals
  • Doctor AI reworked to prioritize tending people bleeding to death over getting food
  • Sherriff backstory is no longer ridiculously awful
  • “Hundreds of other changes wrought by watching dozens of hours of play videos and reading thousands of suggestions”


Tynan truly is a man of the people. While this is the final major update there’s a huge modding community behind this game that will be adding hundreds of hours of content.

So when can we expect the 1.0 release? Well just like the other major updates, there is no official release date. However when someone said “I wouldn’t expect it till late 2018 or next year,” Tynan did hint it would be “Much sooner than that!”



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