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Is Higher DPI Better?

Short answer: No.

Long answer:

Let’s face it, you will never use your mouse at 6000 DPI.

The 12,000–16,000 max DPI of some gaming mouses is overkill. At those settings, the tiniest nudge of the mouse would send your cursor flying across the screen.

It is good if you want your character to spin around like a lunatic. A mouse with adjustable DPI and a way to toggle between settings is all you really need.

Reinhardt spinning around like a lunatic for POTG

Whether or not high DPI is useful is debated. Some players prefer to play with a higher DPI on their mouse and lower in-game settings.

Even if you’re not a fan of low mouse sensitivity you can get away with a DPI around 1600 for most games. So if you’re shopping for a new mouse and are wondering if you need 12,000 DPI – you don’t.

When shopping around it’s more important to find a good size, shape and weight to your mouse. If you’re still unsure, check out the mouse choice of today’s top gamers.

What settings should I use?

The majority of pro players and top streamers use low DPI – around 400-800 – but have different sensitivity settings. This gives the player more control and precision with the mouse, but also means they will have to move their mouse further to aim. 

For most of us this will mean using the mouse in totally different way. Moving the mouse with your arm instead of your wrist. You may have noticed that gaming mousepads are way bigger than standard office ones. This is why.

Low DPI may not always be the best for your play style. Higher DPI would be better for running and gunning while low DPI is better for sniping. Or maybe you’re just not playing first person shooters. Whatever you’r gaming, most high end gaming mouses will have buttons to toggle between DPI settings so you’re covered.

DPI is also affected by the resolution of your screen so keep in mind that what’s right for someone else might not be right for you. Finding the ideal DPI and mouse settings ultimately comes down to preference. Play around with some settings and see what works well for you.

Josh Justesen
Josh is the older of the two GGEZReviews bros. He owns more PC games than can fit on his hard-drive and hopes to be sent a game (to review) for free someday.
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