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Our Favorite Terreria Builds: Building Ideas and Inspiration

Terreria isn’t just about beating bosses. One of the best parts of the game is just building cool structures and biomes. People spend hours creating beautiful and complex Terreria builds, many of which go unseen. Well let’s shine a light on some of them. Here are our favorite Terreria builds to give you ideas and inspiration.

1. Super Smash Bro’s: Temple

Anyone that played Super Smash Bro’s growing up with recognize this build by Hexdra immediately

2. Castle Black (Game of Thrones)

Game of Terrones anyone? Wafflepotamus

3. Hobbit Hole

Bilbo Baggins would be envious of this Terreria build by Sananvi

4. Sky Base

Ground-walkers begone!

5. World Map Style Base

MachoMeatball nails it with this world map style base


6. Pirate Cove

Why not protect your booty on a pirate ship? ByBaergrimBoulderBelly


7. Lakeside Fishing

Katamelia6 is keeping things


8. NPCs on a Shelf



9. Starwars AT-AT Walker Build

Strike fear into the rebellion with these AT-AT Walkers by The CraTeR (the empire did nothing wrong)


10. Breaking Bad RV

breaking bad terreria build

10/10 for this Breaking Bad RV by zadum4ivii


11. Pirate Ship

pirate ship terreria build


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